Ellis Corporation has been an industry leader
for well over 100 years.

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Not only have we consistently met customer needs with long-term performance and low life-cycle costs through our innovative washing technology, but we stand behind our core values of Commitment, Continuous Improvement and Integrity to continually improve and expand our product offerings to better satisfy our customer’s needs.

Our Wastewater division, established in 1973, offers a compliment to our laundry lines, featuring a versatile and effective lineup of water treatment options that will save you water and money in a wide range of industries.

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Ellis’ innovative approach also includes our Ludell Manufacturing subsidiary, which for over 65 years has set the standard in metal fabrication, designing heat exchangers, and engineering conservation and water system solutions.

Combined, these branches of Ellis Corporation provide comprehensive solutions and first class service to our customers. Whatever your needs, Ellis offers a complete solution for laundry facilities and beyond from start to finish.