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Water Storage Tanks

A Water Tank Ready For Action

A Pump for Every Need

With any of our tanks, we feature single, duplex and triplex pre-piped packages with all of the controls.

Control Your Water

With Ludell’s level controls, steam controls and valve nests, your entire system can become fully automatic, balanced and easy to use.

Size Matters

We have tanks that are as small as 1.5’ x 3’ and 40 gallons and as big as 12’ x 24’ and 20,000 gallons. Whatever your company needs, we will craft it.

Tanks and Triplex

When you work with Ludell, you know each and every piece of your water storage, heating, delivery and control system can be custom made to fit your specific application. Our Water Storage Tanks are no exception.

These can be used for hot, cold or tempered water, in addition to water reuse and waste water. Each tank is constructed from stainless steel or carbon steel. Tanks can be as small as 40 gallons to as big as 20,000 gallons.

Let Ludell put together your entire water system. Our unique ability to put together just what you need will ensure success.

Product Features

  • Heat exchangers for a wide range of capabilities
  • Condensate cooler to help save energy
  • A team of experienced engineers to help you pick the right settings and size for your tank and system
  • Sight gage
  • Manway/vent
  • Overflow
  • Drain and level control
  • Thermometer well
  • Inlet Pipe and outlet pipe
  • A pressure relief inlet
  • Necessary nozzles and fittings to ensure proper system operation