High Capacity Sideloader Washer Extractor With Ultimate Flexibility

sideloader washer extractor, washer extractor

A sideloader washer extractor by Ellis will quickly prove its value, Durable, reliable, and high production. There are over 2,000 of these machines in the field and more shipping every week, to attest to this.

The Ellis Sideloader Washer Extractor presents a revolutionary laundry solution that offers remarkable advantages. As a cutting-edge washer extractor, it seamlessly blends innovation and efficiency. Its standout feature is the convenient side-loading design, ensuring effortless loading and unloading of laundry batches. This unique configuration optimizes space and workflow, making it an ideal choice for facilities with limited room.

The washer extractor by Ellis excels in maximizing productivity. With its user-friendly interface and automated operation, it reduces the need for manual intervention, saving both time and labor costs. The advanced washing technology guarantees thorough cleaning while being gentle on fabrics, extending the lifespan of textiles. Additionally, its energy-efficient mechanisms contribute to reduced utility expenses and a smaller environmental footprint.

Incorporating reliability and technological excellence, the Ellis Washer Extractor enhances laundry operations across various industries. From hotels to healthcare facilities and beyond, its ergonomic design, efficient performance, and resource-saving attributes make it a top-tier choice for modern laundry challenges.

No matter what your needs are, an Ellis Side-Loader Washer Extractor will quickly prove its value. Available in 450, 675 and 900-pound capacities, this washer/extractor will lower your installation costs and keep the same space requirements as older 800-pound unloading washers.

Hydraulic drive, washer extractor


A reliable Rexroth Hydraulic drive is the cornerstone of this design, able to operate under some of the toughest conditions, every day.

History of laundry machines


With over 2,000 machines in the field and over a century of experience, our machines can take on any test.

Sideloader Voc Washer Extractor

Sideloader Washer Extractor:
Additional Features

  • Hydraulic drive with multiple speeds for different types of fabric
  • Air Cushion Suspension to help reduce floor vibration by as much as 95%
  • Network Ready Controls, allowing your machine to have an option for the Ellis One Touch control or the Ellis’ Intellitrol
  • Power Doors to increase operational safety and optimal speed
  • Automatically Lubricated Bearings to help reduce maintenance and prolong the life of your machine
  • Two-, three- and four-pocket models available
  • Available in 450, 675 and 900 pound capacities