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Each year your company pays a substantial amount of money heating water for your process. DO NOT let that hot water go down the drain before using it to PRE-HEAT the next batch. By utilizing a shell and tube heat exchanger from Ludell, your facility will increase efficiency and decrease spending.

The Ludell Wastewater Heat Recovery System recovers heat from the outgoing wastewater by transferring it to the incoming fresh water. The design is simple. Countercurrent water flows (wastewater and freshwater) exchange energy through a series of tubes up to a five-degree approach in temperature (wastewater in and fresh water out). This system works to reduce fuel consumption by lessening the boiler load and steam generation needed to heat your water. Benefits include; better process water temperature control, less heat loads on boiler, steam heaters, and or water heaters, and also decreases outgoing wastewater temperatures subject to municipal ordinances. This system can provide greater than a fifty percent recovery in temperature, thus putting money back into your pocket, which can be used elsewhere.


The system’s continuous shell and tube design allows heat to be reclaimed without having to do fine pre-screening. Wastes such as lint and other particulates safely pass through the tubes. A four-way plug valve is supplied to “backflush” and cleans the tubes. The “backflushing” operation is automatically controlled by either a mechanical timer, or pre-set time. The new Ellis UPTIME PLC controls allow the operator to control how long and how often the system utilizes the backflush. Additionally, by adding a reversing freshwater valve package, you can maximize heat counter flow heat transfer and extend back flushing periods.


High Alloy Stainless Steel Construction (304L & 316L Grades Available) of the unit’s Shell, Tubes, Tube Sheets, Baffles, Tie Rods, and Nozzles, provide longer operational life and optimal corrosion resistance.Carbon Steel Wastewater Adapters (304L & 316L Grades Available) with Flanged Cleanout Heads.TEMA gaskets, Dial Temperature Gauges, and System Thermocouples are provided.Carbon Steel Floor Mounted Supports (304L & 316L Grades Available).Wastewater Level Sensing Device with low and high level programmable control for pumps and alarms.Variable Frequency Drive controlled Wastewater Pumps remove the need for a Throttle Valve.Ellis’s UPTIME Controls offer programmable backflush timers to extend cleaning duration.Freshwater Reversing Valve Packages offer continuous counter flow maximizing heat transfer during back flush periods.

In today’s fast-paced on-demand world, every little bit counts. By recovering the heat you are helping your company save time, money and energy. With Ludell’s Wastewater Heat Recovery system, it has never been easier to do so.

Product Features

  • Diesel Engine Jacket Water Coolers or Lube Oil Coolers
  • Laundry Water Heaters
  • Wastewater Heat Reclaimers
  • Magnetic Coupling Coolers
  • Air Aftercoolers and Intercoolers
  • Transformer Oil Coolers
  • Machine Tool Oil Coolers
  • Torque Converter Coolers
  • Chemical Solution Heaters and Coolers
  • Condensate Coolers
  • Fuel Oil Heaters
  • Feed Water Heaters
  • Swimming Pool Heaters
  • Gas Heaters and Coolers