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Commercial Laundry Equipment made for durability and efficiency. Ellis Corp has been making commercial laundry equipment, including laundry extractors, commercial washer extractors, and industrial washers for over 125 years. If you’re looking for a commercial laundry company you can trust, look to Ellis.


Sideloader Washer Extractor

Sideloader Washer/Extractor: a revolutionary solution that redefines efficiency and convenience in laundry care. Designed to streamline the laundry process, this innovative appliance combines the functions of a washer and extractor, ensuring a seamless transition from washing to drying.

The Sideloader’s unique design eliminates the need for manual transfer of clothes between machines, saving you time and effort. With its ergonomic side-loading mechanism, loading and unloading laundry becomes a hassle-free task. Powerful washing capabilities remove tough stains and dirt, while the extraction feature significantly reduces drying time, cutting down on energy consumption.

Featuring advanced technology, customizable settings allow you to tailor each cycle to the fabric’s specific needs. The user-friendly interface makes operation intuitive and straightforward. The sideloader is a key piece of commercial laundry equipment. The Sideloader Washer/Extractor offers a modern laundry solution that optimizes both time and resource management, revolutionizing the way you manage your laundry.

Sideloader Washer Extractor with VOC Stripping

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) stripping, as it pertains to commercial laundry, refers to a process that aims to remove or reduce the concentration of volatile organic compounds from fabrics or textiles during the laundering or cleaning process. VOCs are organic chemicals that can easily evaporate into the air and can potentially have harmful effects on human health and the environment.

In the context of commercial laundry, VOCs can come from various sources, including detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, and even the fabrics themselves. These compounds can be released into the air during the washing and drying process, and their emissions might contribute to indoor air pollution.

Open Pocket Washer Extractor

Ellis’ open pocket washer/extractor offers a range of advantages that enhance laundry processes. Its innovative design promotes efficient water and detergent distribution, ensuring thorough cleaning while reducing resource wastage. The open pocket design simplifies loading and unloading, saving time and effort for users. This washer/extractor also boasts enhanced durability, extending its lifespan and providing a cost-effective solution. Its user-friendly controls and programmable features offer customization and flexibility to cater to various laundry needs. By combining advanced technology with practical benefits, Ellis’ open pocket washer/extractor streamlines operations, conserves resources, and delivers exceptional cleaning results.

360 Sequential Tunnel Washer

Ellis’s sequential tunnel washer stands out as a game-changer in the realm of commercial laundry equipment. Engineered for efficiency and superior performance, this innovation revolutionizes large-scale laundry processes. Its design ensures optimal water and energy usage, reducing operational costs while enhancing sustainability—an imperative in today’s eco-conscious market.

With the ability to handle substantial laundry loads sequentially, Ellis’s tunnel washer maximizes throughput without compromising cleanliness. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses with high-volume laundry demands, such as hotels, hospitals, and industrial facilities. The advanced technology not only expedites the washing process but also maintains impeccable fabric quality, extending the lifespan of linens.

By incorporating Ellis’s sequential tunnel washer, businesses can expect heightened productivity, reduced resource consumption, and impeccable laundering—qualities that converge to meet the demands of modern commercial laundry operations. As a pioneering industry player, Ellis continues redefining the landscape of commercial laundry equipment with innovation that prioritizes performance, economy, and sustainability.