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The Ludell Auto-Balance Control System is designed to automatically regulate the performance of your entire water system during operation. The system automatically works to equalize the flow of both the incoming process and outgoing wastewater streams. By inputting the correct system parameters i.e. set points, levels, flow rates, temperatures, etc., the system then works to “balance” itself by keeping all components and functions in continuous operation throughout the entire work shift.

Auto Balance Technology

The Ludell Auto-Balance Control System maximizes your plant efficiency by pre-heating process water, decreasing steam loading on your boiler, and minimizing pump motor in-rush currents from starting and stopping over and over. The automated function of this system allows your maintenance personnel to focus on other facility needs knowing the water system is reliably at work.


In order to equalize the waste and process water flowrates, the system relies on its primary component, the shell and tube heat exchanger. The system manages these flows through the heat exchanger, while maximizing heat transfer at an optimal performance ratio of 1:1.
When your storage tanks begin calling for water the process water flows through the exchanger. Pre-heated water then passes through PID controlled modulating fill valves (Tempered or Hot Water) on its way to the storage tanks. Meanwhile, the wastewater is pumped through the heat exchanger at varying speeds to match the incoming process flow. Once production has started, and levels (wastewater pit and storage tanks) begin to rise and fall with production, the system begins working to “auto-balance.”


  • PLC-Based Programmable Logix Controllers with Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touchscreen.
  • Pre-programmed “auto-balance” system logic with illustrated system graphics and operator friendly set point pop-u blocks for parameter entry.
  • System Alarm and History Screens and Performance Trending.
  • Intuitive Maintenance Alerts, System Troubleshooting Videos, and Access to Ellis’s Free Technical Video Library.
  • Remote Computer Provided for Secondary HMI Control Source and Remote Technical Support
  • A Dual Panel System Isolates High and Low Voltage Components complying with ArcFlash OSHA Regulations making troubleshooting easier


  • Uses Digital Electronic Devices i.e. level and temperature controllers to regulate auto-balancing features.
  • Multiple set point relay contacts available for varying number of pits, tanks, etc.
  • One panel system houses controllers, pump motor variable frequency drives, etc.
  • Dual Panels Optional.

NOTE:  Both systems come with pneumatic devices for forced-air level control, valves, and other devices.