Pilot and lab analysis is sometimes required by regulatory agencies or consulting groups to demonstrate the performance of a chemical treatment program, pollutant removal efficiency, solids production, and overall performance.  This can be completed by using downsized equipment to process an actual wastestream from the process to achieve compliance goals. 

On-site piloting is a simple or cost-effective to justify purchasing new equipment.  Ellis has DAF, EBS, OWS, IPC, and SMS pilot units to demonstrate the performance of these technologies.  The pilot units are a downsized scaled representation of our full-sized technologies.  For more information please contact Ellis regarding pilot unit availability and pricing.

Piloting And Lab Analysis


In the world of wastewater treatment, no two wastewaters are alike.  Some wastewaters may require chemical treatment programs to help separate the pollutants from the water.  Laboratory analyses can determine the concentration of the pollutants in the wastewater before treatment and after treatment.  

Where the wastewater effluent is discharged is also different.  The effluent discharge point will dictate the concentration of pollutants that can be legally discharged.  Analyses can determine if these concentrations can be achieved and maintained for effluent compliance.

Independent water analysis, piloting & lab analysis