Open Pocket Washer Extractor:
Production That’s Built to Last

Efficient and Durable Laundry Solution

Open Pocket Washer

The Ellis Open Pocket Washer Extractors are designed to optimize production from every angle; pounds per operator hour, pounds per square foot, pounds per unit of energy, easier turn around with larger doors and all with a better finish product.  You need a machine designed from the ground up to optimize efficiency, from loading to unloading.

The Ellis Washer/Extractor is loaded with features that accelerate the wash cycle and improve turnaround times. A capacity of up to 1,000 lbs ensures that the Open Pocket can fill any need. These features combined with an integrated ‘QT’ Quick Turn loading hopper offers automation, safety and productivity.

Open Pocket Washer: Single-Motor Inverter Drive

Open Pocket Washer: Single-Motor Inverter Drive

Ellis offers customers an efficient single electric motor with an inverter drive.

Two-Way Hydraulic Tilt

Two-Way Hydraulic Tilt

Achieves greater range of motion by allowing gravity to assist in the loading and unloading function.

Open pocket washers offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice for various applications. Firstly, their design enables easy installation and removal, reducing assembly time and maintenance efforts. The open pockets facilitate efficient lubrication, ensuring smooth operation and extending the washer’s lifespan. These washers also exhibit excellent load distribution characteristics, enhancing their effectiveness in preventing surface damage and wear. Due to their inherent flexibility, they accommodate slight misalignments and irregularities, contributing to overall system stability. Additionally, open pocket washers can reduce noise and vibration by dampening shocks and impacts. This versatility makes them suitable for diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment. In summary, the advantages of open pocket washers encompass simplified usage, improved performance, and enhanced durability for a wide range of mechanical applications.

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Additional Features

  • Programmable extract speeds over 300g’s
  • Ratio-metric wash process for greater flexibility
  • Front pivot design keeps door at relatively constant distance from floor
  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Reliable oversize pillow block bearing support
  • Replaceable rear seals
  • Patented QT Loading Chute