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When you pay good money to heat water for your process and then allow it to drain to the sewer you are literally throwing your money down the drain. Using a wastewater heat recovery system such as a shell and tube heat exchanger recovering the heat and your money is easy.

MDAHS Heat Reclaimer

The heart of our system is recovering heat from wastewater and transferring it to the incoming clean, fresh water destined for your tempered or hot water system. This system works to reduce fuel consumption and lessen the steam requirements to generate hot or tempered water, thus giving your company better water temperature control and cutting down on discharge wastewater temperature. The design is simple allowing countercurrent water flow to exchange energy through a series of tubes within a five-degree temperature approach. This is greater than fifty percent temperature recovery of waste energy flowing to the sewer and putting money back into your pocket.


The Ludell Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger’s continuous shell and tube design allows heat to be reclaimed without having to do fine prescreening. Wastes such as lint and other particulates will safely pass through the system. The automatic four-way reversing backflush valve automatically reverses the wastewater flow to clean the system, keeping it working at maximum performance for years to come.

Product Features

  • High Alloy Stainless Steel Shell, Tubes, Tube Sheets, Baffles, Tie Rods, and Nozzles provides longer operational life and optimal corrosion resistance
  • Carbon steel wastewater adaptors
  • TEMA gaskets
  • Compound gauge with 30″ mercury vacuum to 60 psi range
  • Wastewater level sensing device with low-level switch
  • Non-clogging diaphragm type throttling valve
  • The system can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall saving valuable floor space. If space is available it can also be mounted at floor level.
  • Due to its simple operations, shell and tube heat exchanger is easy to control and operate.

Every little bit counts. Recovering heat in the wastewater process can mean saving time, money and energy. With Ludell’s Wastewater Heat Recovery system, it has never been easier for your business.