Considerations Before Beginning Your Wastewater Project

1Do You Know What Your Wastewater Needs are?
  • Do you know what pollutants are in your wastewater and what pollutants need to be removed?
  • What are the sources of the pollutants in your plant? 
2Does your design engineer have experience with your type of wastewater to achieve compliance?
  • Doing business with a company that knows your wastewater is key for a successful system design and operation.
3Which regulatory agency will oversee your wastewater discharged from your facility?
  • Is your wastewater regulated by the US EPA, State Wastewater Authority or Local Wastewater Regulator (POTW)?
4Have you been issued an Industrial Pretreatment Discharge Permit?
  • Does your design engineer understand the discharge limits to achieve and maintain effluent compliance? 
5Do you have room to install a wastewater treatment system to achieve compliance? 
  • Installing a wastewater pretreatment system after a facility has been built is often a challenge.  Working with engineers that can design a system to achieve compliance in a limited space is essential.  Having that experience of “making it fit” is the difference.