Pump & Valve Package

Easy to Assemble Design

Packages offer cost savings with their easy to assemble design, resulting in less time during installation and maintenance


For Ease of Maintenance

Ludell packages include manual isolation and bypass valves around the automatic control values and water delivery pumps

Longer Life

Corrosion resistant piping, flanges and fittings are utilized, resulting in a longer life for the package.

Product Features

  • Compact footprint allows for maximum space savings
  • Completing the packages at Ludell greatly reduces contractor on-site installation time, which saves you money
  • When packages are completed at Ludell, you are assured the system components are properly assembled and welded in a controlled environment
  • Quality is ensured with the use of Ludell ASME Code welders. Ludell is the holder of ASME Code Stamp no. 18439.

No matter what kind of unique needs your company has, pump and valve packages from Ludell are available for you. With a variety of flow rates and system pressures, we have what it takes to help get your business’ water system working with ease.

The materials for each pump and valve package are selected based on water chemistry, environment and water temperature. Our engineers can design a package based on your specific needs.

Don’t abide by a low-quality water solution. Contact Ludell today to find out how our pump packages can help.

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