Stack Gas

Unique Design, Increased Efficiency

Cools gas within 10 degrees of incoming fresh water with a unique design to maximize heat transfer from gas to water

Water Absorbs the Heat

Direct contact with 250°F to 600°F flue gas temperature, which allows water to absorb heat and achieve a maximum temperature of 140°F.

Designed Specifically for Your Savings

From 50 to 3,000 Boiler HP options available, customers see immediate boiler fuel cost reductions of 15% to 20%.

Product Features

  • Water flow rate, tank size and stainless steel heat transfer matched to your specific requirements
  • No acid build-up or corrosion
  • Low pressure drop designed into system
  • Gravity discharge design, extra stack, heavy duty forced air or induced air fans, and packaging of control valves and pumps are options available for reduced installation cost
Why waste energy when you can save it? With the Ludell Stack Gas Heat Absorber, businesses can recover the majority of their energy wasted in a boiler exhaust stack. In our system, the exhaust gas heat can be transferred to process hot water, thereby saving costs and adding efficiency.

Most gas fired boilers in industry facilities will have a 70% to 80% efficiency rate, with 20% or more of the consumed fuel flowing up the boiler stack. The Ludell Stack Gas Heat Absorber puts an end to this by using that fuel to heat water.

This system requires an “open” or atmospheric water system, which means water can be supplied at an average flow rate to the energy recovery system. Once the water has been preheated, it can be pumped or gravity fed to a hot water tank, thus eliminating the problems of older “closed” or pressurized stack economizer designs.

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