With our Serpentine Mixing System (SMS), Waste Goes with the Flow

Water in motion can be a powerful force. The engineers at Ellis took this concept from nature when designing our new Serpentine Mixing System (SMS), which uses the power generated by water turbulence to vastly improve the reduction of TSS, FOG and BOD from the wastewater steam.

Most wastewater applications require chemical preconditioning to improve removal efficiencies. With the SMS this can be done without mixers as the turbulence in the flow thoroughly mixes the chemistry with the waste stream, creating ideal coagulated and/or flocculated particles. No mixers mean big savings on operations and maintenance costs. Coupled with Ellis’ solids reduction equipment such as our Inclined Plate Clarifier, Dissolved Air Flotation System or the Ellis Polishing Filter, the SMS is ideal for a large variety of solids reduction applications.

At first glance, the SMS may appear to be a simple serpentine pipe structure. It is in fact a custom-engineered system designed specifically for each application. Each SMS is designed to fit in any existing facility and the optional chemical injection points are placed for optimum chemical conditioning resulting in reduced costs. Furthermore, our systems are conservatively designed so future modifications are simple and effective.

SMS_1Sized to deliver optimal mixing with conditioning chemicals, the SMS is ideal for chemical preconditioning where floor space is limited. The SMS also reduces the potential for overdosing and that leads directly to savings. Installation is easy since the system is delivered preassembled and requires minimal piping modifications to existing infrastructure. Monitoring controls for pH and variable-frequency drives can also be incorporated to suit the customer’s requirement.

From algae removal to steel production, the compact, powerful Ellis Serpentine Mixing System maximizes efficiency, improves effectiveness and saves money in a wide variety of waste treatment applications.